When the COVID19 crisis hit our dental office, we researched to find equipment to help us meet needs of our office. Stuff we absolutely need to reopen: An awesome dental team, PPE, and patients. Then there were things on the market to wade through:

  • Handheld UV lights
  • Ceiling mounted UV lights, with curtains and timers
  • High speed suction attachments
  • Low speed suction attachments
  • Air purifiers of all sorts
  • Fume extractor like devices on a cart

We’re a general dental office. Aerosols are generated at every hygiene visit with cavitron. On the restorative side, any procedure with a high speed drill creates aerosols. If you’re on this page, you know.

Our favorite item is the fume extractor like units: There are several manufactures. Google them. They’re not cheap for dental use! It’s the dental tax… We got quotes for “Dental specific” (but not really) types of units at $2700 (No uv lights) to $4500. Oh… and with these prices, lead times also suck! Friend of ours ordered 6 of these units, received 1!

Sooo… with 6 ops to equip, we decided to produce two products that work great at a great price. I can make the 2k unit sooo much faster that it cuts lead time to 2 weeks, delivered. The 1k unit has a custom plenum I have to build. Lead time is greater, sorry! From time of order, it’s 4 weeks.

For this price, it doesn’t make sense to have these in just the doctor/owner operatories. We’re installing them in each op to capture these aerosols. Coupled with proper PPE, our team feels very safe when these are in use. If you’re local, reach out and we can demo a unit for you at our office.

Here’s it working in action:

Anyway, I start with two best in class units, and they’re a little different:

Dental Spatter Siphoner 1k. Costs $1k.

For the DDS 1k, a custom plenum is created.

Dental Spatter Siphoner 2k. Costs 2k.

Pretty simple, here’s the differences:

DSS 1kDSS 2k
DSS 1kDSS 2k
Price$1,250 USD$2,000 USD
Introductory Price
(Order by 5/30)
$1000 USD
(Only a few units left, will discontinue, please call before ordering this unit)
$1769 USD
Lead time4 weeks2 weeks
UVC LightNoYes
1 filter assemby: Prefilter to capture large particles like hair and dust.

Medical Grade H13 Filters (higher rated than True HEPA) 99.97% particle removal.

Activated Carbon Filter to eliminate annoying and toxic odors.
First is UVC light.

Then two stages separate filters: 1 Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) & 1 Medical Grade HEPA filter for particulate removal of up to.3 microns
UVC lamps are located before (and radiating on) the collection side of the HEPA filter. Unlike systems that depend on killing/inactivating the organisms as they pass through the UVC light in a very short period of time, the UVC light is continuously shining on the collected organisms with high efficiency of kill.

Indicator lights inform you when individual UVC lamps need to be replaced or when the HEPA filter is clogged with particulate buildup.
Filter costs~70 on amazon

Available from manufacturer at cost
UV Bulbs $40
14×14 Filter Cartridge $99
HEPA Filter $150

Available from manufacturer at cost
Max CFM225285
What’s in the box✓ Dental Spatter Siphoner 1k
✓ Flexible hose arm assembly with “round mouth attachment
✓ Filter Cartridge
✓ User Manual – Please Read Manual Before First Use and Save for Future Reference
✓ Product Literature
✓ Dental Spatter Siphoner 2k
✓ Flexible hose arm assembly with “round mouth attachment
✓ Stage 1 Air Filter Cartridge
✓ Stage 2 Filter (VOC Cartridge & Medical Grade HEPA Filter)
✓ UVC Light Bulbs
✓ User Manual – Please Read Manual Before First Use and Save for Future Reference
✓ Product Literature
DSS 1kDSS 2k

So, if you’re reading this and you’re still interested, I wanted to make it so you can simply order online, pay online via credit card on our SPDC website, and quickly get an estimated date so you can safely practice dentistry.

When the crisis is over, if you wish, both of these units will easily convert back to best in class air purifiers at no additional charge!

To order, please go to our Order Online Page.

For any questions, please email alex@smilingpatient.com or text me at two two four-436-two three eight four quicker response. Sorry. Spam sucks.

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